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Posted 08 May 2018 - 05:42 PM

Dear community,

This is the last time you will ever see legacyaim 2.0. We are running extensive tests in the background to make sure the new community is safer and much more like a community.


Maintenance & Downtime


We do not have any official dates when the new website is going to be overwritten with 3.0 but I can say we will be informing all of you on our social media pages.

Please remember if we are down for longer than 24 hours you will be fully compensated with any time lost from your subscriptions.


LegacyAim 3.0


Just a community upgrade isn't it?!?! Well basiclly it is. However technically it isn't. Let's get deeper. kappahd

  • HTTPS - This is the most important feature for us, as it is going to affect us the most not using https on the community pages due to google's up and coming changes, we want everyone to feel secure as possible! (If IPB3 wasn't a derp, we would have had this a loooonggg time ago..)
  • IPB4 - After countless in house development on IPB3 without official support, it's now time to start getting support back from Invision power board. These guys are the ones that make our community.
  • Account security - Thanks to IPB4 you can use your google authentication app as a 2step security. We will be forcing all subscribers to have 2step authentication enabled. Check out this setting option here.
  • Chatbox As we have already spoken about in the past, this feature will be arriving to your in-game menu's once the new platform has been established.
  • Software - Instead of getting you guys to manually install the loader dependencies we have now packaged everything in one. Check out our new installer here.
  • Leaderboard - There will be your basic community leaderboard such as post count and reputation. However to take this further we have implemented a algorithm to display who is the most active cheat user. Top 5 only and updated everyday to see who is using LegacyAim the most.
  • Compact theme - We have dramatically reduced the size of how the theme looks and feels. Our custom theme allows us to now fully sync all pages associated with legacyaim.com to a streamline product.

Make sure you follow us on twitter!


Best regards,

-The LegacyAim Staff

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