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[RECODE/LEGACYCORE] LegacyAim CS:GO is out of beta!

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Posted 30 March 2018 - 09:56 PM

Dear community,
We are extremely happy to announce that our development with the new cheat infrastructure has gone very well, it has been a long time coming but now that it is out we hope you enjoy the cheat as much as we have had making it.


Subscription Model Changes & LegacyAim USB Sticks! 

We have removed our: 1 week and 3 month subscription packages for both advance and lite editions. All purchases on these subscriptions are now grandfathered into there respective subscriptions, we will not change or remove the packages they have rightfully brought.

To compensate our weekly subscription removal, we now allow a generous 51% discount on our monthly subscription for new customers.


USB Sticks!

If you want to cheat on the go you can simply take our USB stick with you and make your own HWID resets! With this USB stick you will be able to reset your HWID as many times as you want. You can also use the 8GB of storage.

Yes.. you can pick your LegacyAim design, take a peak!

design 1design 2.

Keep an eye out in the store for this one!


RECODE CS:GO (LegacyCore)

 Here is what's new today:

Cheat Menu

  • Scales with your screen.
  • New input options.
  • New design options.


  • Backtracking - You can now hit the target player where their previous position was. Fully configurable.

  • Selective Hitbox - Randomization and complex hitboxes also added.

  • Perfect Silent Aim - This will be hidden from players, spectators, and GOTV-viewers.

  • Smoke Check - Toggle if you want to hit through smoke.

  • FOV Type - Unlimited / Locked, disable the fov restrictions.

  • Targeting Priority - Choose from 1-4 priorities; Kill, Damage, Distance, Fov.

  • Recoil Control System- We have redesigned the RCS system, use the yaw(↔) & pitch(↕) options.

  • Recoil Control Delay - Add a custom delay for when you want the RCS to kick in.


  • Chams - Option to disable/enable chams visible through walls.

  • Weapon Esp - Checks the weapon of the models.

  • Health Esp - View the enemy/teammate health.

  • Name Esp - Check to see if it’s your friend.

  • Object Esp - See in-game objects through walls and other environments.


  • Chatspammer - Spams some text in-game.

  • Notifications - Let’s you know when you have injected, changed configs and more.

  • Knifebot - Basic knifebot system.

  • No recoil - Disables recoil entirely.


Here is what will arrive in April:

  • Visual Key - Enable or disable your visual settings with your desired key press.

  • Spectator List - View who is spectating you.

  • Rank Reader - Check your enemy's rank all in-game using our cheat menu.

  • Knife Change - Enable any knife skin/model in-game.

  • Radar - Fully featured cheat radar that shows location of players, items, and C4

We are always updating our cheat, so make sure you follow the Journey system! We deploy all of our next updates there, so get subscribing!

Update FAQ

How do I use the new recode?
Once you become a subscriber, you will automatically gain access to the subscriber area and there you can begin the simple installation process.


Do I need to reinstall anything?

Nope. Everything is transmitted via the cheat server. Simply load our loader and launch the cheat.


Do I need to change my operating system?
No. Simply install our cheat loader and inject, it's as easy as eating pie. No disabling patch-guard or installing another operating system (windows dinosaur)
Is this new update safer?
Simply yes. Not only is almost all of the beta cheat been removed and freshly developed, but we have added even more security procedures to ensure you are safer than ever.
Lite & Advance Subscriptions?
Well we have had it so lite and advance has had access to the open beta for a few months now, however this update will now finally split the paths of the respectable subscriptions.


Me and the rest of the LegacyAim staff thank you again for your patience while we get everything up and running to the Diamond standard. Follow our social media sites and our community, we have tons of content planned! 

Best regards,
-The LegacyAim Staff

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