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Private Edition, CS:GO Release & Christmas gift surprise!

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Posted 24 December 2017 - 02:39 AM

Private Edition I am very excited to announce our latest subscription package, it has been in production for quite some time now, we are finally in the stages where we can start getting ready to review applications.
So you have all heard about our new subscription option, lets get into some details.
Who is Private Edition for?
Private Edition is for those users who wish to cheat safely on the most aggressive anti-cheats. The pricing scheme will be high, and the security level will be high as that is to be expected.

  • 35 Slots.
  • Application system.
  • ID & Human Verification. 18+ Years old.
  • $199.95 First month, then $99.95 for the rest of your subscription.

What is Private Edition?
Private Edition is the most secure subscription ever. This subscription package will contain game cheats for some of the the most aggressive anti-cheats.
When will this be available to purchase?
We will be reviewing applications in early January 2019. Your application will then be under review by me and the team to ensure safety of our products.
Please note that User ID's submitted will only be shown to the Director of the company, thus being me. (Zlitz)
Why is Private Edition now becoming a thing?
We have thought long and hard on how we want to expand LegacyAim, with our immense team and projects finally up to an exquisite standard it is now time to take a look into other popular games. Slotted and secure application subscription model is just needed for our next game cheat, if we didn't use this subscription model everyone would get banned instantly regardless of the security the cheat provider has in place.
Other FAQ's
Will I be able to upgrade to this subscription?
No you will not be able to upgrade to Private Edition at all.
How are the applications decided?
All applications will be sternly analyzed in our staff meetings, there will never be just one say in each application.
What does the Application page look like?
Here is an early snippet, please remember that the questions are not final.


Will the slots be updated to alert how many is left?
Yes, we will have a public thread and Discord channel stating the amount of slots left, and who has taken the slot.
Do I loose my slot if my subscription runs out?
Yes, you will loose your slot if your subscription time runs out, you will have a 24 hour period where you can renew if your subscription does run out. But the subscription will only run out if you cancel it yourself.
Does the private edition use a different authentication loader?
Yes, the loader will be 100% different to the lite and advance edition cheat loader.
Got anymore Q's? feel free to message me them and I will pop them here.
CS:GO Release Interface
Want some menu animations? You got them. Want a better, cleaner way to filter through the millions of settings? You got them. Want a more eye pleasing experience? You got them.
Yes, we have reworked the animations of the menu, the way with how you interact with the cheat's menu is always a big one, as lets face it you dont want to use a clunky old interface.


Core / Settings
As you can already noticed we have put everything together in a more eye pleasing, easy to navigate way. In the future we plan on adding a "easy" button, where it will disable many "advance" features that are currently displayed. So we can work with all type of cheaters, novice to professionals. We want the best user experience possible, no annoying web panel configurations like we done in the past or annoying text formats. A simple menu in the game you are cheating in is the best option, the only option.


We have re-coded most of the functions for your new experience, we have also added some seriously advance functions aswell! Allow me to show you.
Signature Collection
Our signature collection is 5 humanization patterns that have been recorded for many months by our team of professionals. You can now use these recorded randomisation of patterns in-game! It works by using many features together aswell as our recorded pattern data that we have been collecting for many months. If you enjoy the legit cheat route, we'd highly suggest you give each setting a test.
As stated above, most of the functions that we did have slight issues with have been completely re-coded and are now ready for you to use securely and bug free!


Christmas Gift 

Firstly Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a good time with your family's.

Announced on the 13 December 2017 on Twitter, we teased a Christmas Gift! So what's it all about?!?


On the 25 December 2017, all Subscribers will have access to the new CSGO Cheat for 24 hours. Please bare in mind, It is not the final product and will only contain certain functions. Simply take a look around the cheat, and get a feel for it, have a eye pleasing experience.kappa



Merry Christmas from

-The Legacy Software Group Ltd Staff

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