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Exclusive/Lifetime Edition Removal

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Posted 30 November 2017 - 11:44 PM

Dear Community,


I hope you are all well and healthy.. but.. we have some bad and good news for you! Good news is that a new subscription model is appearing soon. Bad news is that we are removing the lifetime subscription. As LegacyAim continues to grow we have to make sure we grow and innovate with it.


Subscription Model Changed 

We first announced in 08 Jul 2016 that we will have one subscription for every game cheat. This is still going to stay the same, however due to the nature of the cheat scene and how anti-cheat developers work, we need to adjust. Adjusting by adding a new subscription model to a already very accommodating model system. We care about our security for our cheats and user base. The games we want to support is requiring certain business models and general security procedures too change. We have now added a new subscription model, called 'Private Edition'. This subscription package is going to be aimed at the more "underground" cheaters. More information regarding Private Edition soon.


So what we currently have is the following: Lite Edition, Advanced Edition, Exclusive Edition, Private Edition. All of the information on what each subscription does can be found under our home page. Our 'Exclusive Edition' subscription will be removed on 31 December 2017. Lifetime subscriptions are always a good idea to get your brand in the door and gain loyal customers through a more rewarding subscription, however for a long term business to strive, anything lifetime to a service that requires consistent work is not a good route long term. We hope you respect our decisions on this, and if you are a current Exclusive Edition subscriber your subscription will not be removed or altered in anyway.

We will still offer up to 6 month subscriptions on our current subscription packages, so if you hate making sure you have a subscription then going for those types of subscriptions are still viable.


Best regards,

-The Legacy Software Group Ltd Staff

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