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Brazy's LegacyAim Review


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Posted 29 October 2017 - 09:09 PM

Community & Staff:


-The staff in the forums, and in this cheat in general are fantastic!! Whenever I had a question I got an immediate response in under 1 hour.. I was amazed.




-The aimbot is very well coded. I give props to the dev's because it takes very good skill to make such a great aimbot from scratch. The aimbot is perfect for legit, because it never locks on; never snaps from player to player, and also the aimbot is just very smooth and well humanized. I've so far played 4 Competitive games with the aimbot enabled and I have not been called out once. In conclusion very well done on the aimbot!!


Hitbox Triggerbot:


- Even though I don't use triggerbot that much, I tried it once and I could tell it is very consistent. Has a lot of options on the triggerbot, and it is very well made for very smooth game play.


Visual ESP:


- The visuals on this cheat has everything a cheater would want. They never glitch, never cut out, and they are smooth!! In most cheats the visuals like to glitch, and drop your FPS... But LegacyAim so far has the best visuals I have seen. Very customizable, and lots of options.




- The miscellaneous tab has lots of options but it is also missing some things. For Example, No Spectator List, No Grenade Prediction, etc... But for all of the things that are on the Miscellaneous tab, they are very smooth, and work very well. Great Job On the Misc Tab!!


Configuration & Cosmetics:


- This cheat is very customizable. I love to play around with the colors, and I just love how you can change anything you want in the cheat. The configurations load very quickly and very smoothly, with some of my expieriance with other cheats, they like to freeze while loading a config, and then resume normally. This cheats config system is very smooth, and very quick. Great job on the configs!!


Conclusion of the cheat:


- This cheat overall is very well made, and is updated quite frequently. I love how you can customize every little thing in this cheat. All of the options there are on Aimbot, Visuals, and the Miscellaneous tab, are customizable, and they work very well. So far security has been very great this past weekend, and I have not gotten any Untrusted Bans, or Vac Bans. Staff I applaud you guys on all of the hard work you put into this cheat. I look forward into buying lifetime of this cheat, and being apart of this wonderful family.

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Posted 29 October 2017 - 09:26 PM

Awesome review! Really appreciate it!

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Posted 29 October 2017 - 09:32 PM

Added this to our social platforms and website! Thanks alot dude, it means alot to us! +1

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