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Software Foundation & Development Practices

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 12:38 AM

Dear Community,


Firstly, I want to thank you all for staying with us patiently on this journey, it means the world that you guys have stayed with us in our community without a single product online, you guys are the real MVP! Nothing but respect for you peoples.


Now, before I get into the good stuff lets dig deep here why our services have been offline for so long. So we have had this before where a developer joins for a year... takes charge on the product and leaves due to personal reasons like uni etc.. it's happened a good few times and I am not afraid to stand up and be counted. I'll admit it's completely my fault it's given us all kinds of bad reputation with people and just overall a bad position because well let's face it, no one likes a cheat offline do they?!?!

So to resolve this from happening there has been alot of backend things going on while the brand new cheat has been underway.


Long term development


LegacyAim is now finally backing up and restoring all development in a correct form for any new developers who wish to take part in developing for our community. So for example if X developer was to leave for X reason this means instead of making a new "framework", the new developer can just simply adapt and work on the current foundation of development, this saves time from any downtime that may occur.

Using the word "Framework" for any new projects just simply isn't a good long term solution, from this day we will be eliminating the branding word for our products, these will now be highlighted to "date" and "LegacyAim Software: X" for the respective game cheats. This way we can really keep tabs on what's what and when a new update comes out.




Without a doubt the most spoken about community addition right now is our brand new limited edition community tag. I have shed some information on this many times, but I will present to you a couple of Q&A's that I have been asked.


Q: How can I get this sexy tag like shown in this video?!!?

A: Well if the video isn't enough for you allow me to tell you in text  kappa. So there is a couple of ways to get the tag, however both ways have to be done on the day of launch! Fail to do so within the 24 hour time frame will result in no tag for you! 

  • All sales made on the official launch day of our product will be supplied with the day0 tag.
  • Injecting the cheat on the launch day of our product, will grant you the gorgous user bar.

Q: How long will this tag be available for?!

A: This user bar will be only out for 24 hours on launch, there will be a countdown for when the tag expires forever!


Journey Application


Our software changelog system was not eye pleasing enough, not informative enough and overall just needed a splash of Legacy to it. So Sanctuary worked his 5 year developer knowledge and whipped up a truly bad boy changelog system, no more "where is that thread" or "what got updated" all can be seen right here under our Journey system! Here is some screenshots of it! You will be able to filter the months and game cheats all in the custom application.


Live Twitter Q&A


If you don't know already, we have twitter! We've had it for years, we continue to use it. I am always on responding and liking your guys tweets... however we just need more of it! Lets kick it off with a 24/7 Q&A okay well.. not quite I need some sleep so what about 18 hours a day from 7:30AM-1:30AM? Believe it or not we respond to support tickets within 5 minutes! Why can't we do this on Twitter? Lets goooo! Want to see some more pictures of my doggie? Ask away!


Last but not least..... Official CSGO announcement


(insert hype here) (insert drum roll here)kappa GOOOO! Beta access is now live!

The cheat will be available for Exclusive Edition users to use until it's fully finished, if you are not an Exclusive Edition user you will have to wait till the cheat is 100% complete. Exclusive users, please review this thread!

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