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Honest review from a guy who doesn't cheat much

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 02:06 AM

This is going to have 2 halves to it, legit and rage. The reason is, I had very separate experiences with them.



No cheat can beat this.

The wallhack works about 80% of the time, and almost never will a player peak me without me knowing where he is.

The legitbot does as one would expect, without looking unreasonably fishy. I usually use around a .5 FOV and it looks perfectly fine.

The recoil crosshair is really cool, although I don't use the recoil control in the legitbot because I get worried about overwatch.

The triggerbot is kinda buggy, but I wouldn't use one anyways.

Seeing my grenade trajectory is a cool addition, and I saw myself actually using it on a couple occasions. Also, bullet tracing really helps with peak timing. 

Great product on the legit side. 



This was a huge disappointment.

It's inaccurate, meaning that in HvH situations and even mm without a cheater it doesn't help much. Maybe it's because of because on 128 tick HvH servers it is much better

Most importantly, my first shots do not hit. 

When set to head or neck, I still mostly see body shots and misses. I'm better off with legitbot.

Anti-Aim is confusing and even then it doesn't do much against other cheaters.

The auto scope has such a delay that you usually are just no scoping, so good luck with snipers.


As somebody who used the cheat in December, then again this week, I must say that the product has declined in quality (At least for when I was using it for).


I am sad to say that I do not see myself buying a LegacyAim product again, although this should not stop you from buying it. A variety of things could have caused this experience, mostly in my PC itself. I will say that I have only been VAC'd twice on LegacyAim software, and it usually came down to user error. I have received some overwatch bans, though.


When it comes down to it: It is a great software. I love the community, I love how active the developers and staff are, and I love how easy it is to run this cheat. Anybody that wants to do the 'legit' cheating will have a great experience, and I'm sure the ragebot will be back to the premium, HvH lobby destroyer that it once was.

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I will gladly pay Tuesday for my cheats today


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Posted 19 May 2017 - 03:33 AM

Hey, thanks for the review however I feel like your ragebot opinion was formulated on the basis of unperfected settings, many others including myself have a very powerful rage bot, and have beat many other cheat providers in HvH situations. Additionally, triggerbot works perfectly just as it's intended to so not sure what you mean by buggy, same with you saying the wallhack only working 80% of the time?  All in all I feel like by asking for some assistance from the community your experience could have been made much better but nonetheless I appreciate the time you put into sharing your opinion and we will continue to optimize and perfect the different functions we provide. +1 

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 06:17 AM

Hey Thanks for the review,
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Posted 19 May 2017 - 03:42 PM

Thank you for your honest review, some harsh criticism that could maybe be justified with a configuration edit from your end. Regardless, I truly appreciate honesty even if perhaps there is a human error in play. (y) +1

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