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iPhone 7+ Giveaway & Free Cheat Weekend #2

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Posted 24 February 2017 - 07:53 AM


Dear Community,


Hello, hope you are having a good day. Here at LegacyAim we always go out of our way to make sure we can happily satisfy all of our members. I'm confident you would enjoy using our cheats and continue to use our community for all of the fun and games.


LegacyAim's Official Giveaway 

Number of items
x1 iPhone 7 plus, 256gb, Gold
x3 $15 LegacyAim store vouchers.
x2 $50 LegacyAim store vouchers.
x1 Legacy Edition rank.

These prizes will be separated between 7 different users.


How to win?

Winners will be chosen through our social media platforms and reputation points here on this announcement.

If you want an even greater chance of winning, you will have to follow our social media platforms. 

Each follow/like/subscribe will increase your chance of winning, simple!

You can review the winners and more information about this giveaway here.



Our shoutbox has been MIA now for over 2 months, long time without spam and memes eh? Well our Shoutbox has now evolved into a 'LegacyBox™' with more functionality and freedom for every user not just subscribers, that's right! Our LegacyBox™ is now open for every single user signed up to the community, We hope you enjoy the new 'LegacyBox™'.


Free Cheat Weekend 

We haven't done a free cheat weekend in a while, the last time we opened up the entire community and services for every user sign up was last year in July. It was good success with lots of fun and good criticism along with a ton of awesome testimonials which I highly recommend you reading.


So you want to use our cheats for free and participate into the great weekend?

Simply go to your account information page located here, and simply press 'Activate' once activated your timer will begin.


Valid: 25 February 2017 - 12am

Expires: 27 February 2017 - 6pm

GMT Timezone


The LegacyAim Team

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