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Legacy Edition & Happy holidays!

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Posted 23 December 2016 - 06:37 PM

Dear Community,

Here at LegacyAim we hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and happy holidays. To celebrate such holidays, we have decided to shed some light on our new subscription package "Legacy Edition".

Exclusive Edition We have been working effortlessly, to ensure the best possible experience for every single user. Back in 09/09/16, we displayed some information on what exactly is going on with our Beta program module however we have come to the conclusion that this will not be sustainable for every user, so instead we are going to allow users to buy our Legacy Exclusive Edition package. It won't just be a beta version of our software, you will also receive the following:

  • Unique edition of selected game cheats. (CS:GO)
  • Beta access to game cheat testing.
  • Unique community color.
  • Unique user title bar.
  • Dedicated forum section.
  • Larger avatar size.

This is completely optional and rather an upgrade package to our already amazing framework subscriptions.
No subscriber of either subscription shall be prioritised higher then the other, instead this is just a simple alternative option for a more unique cheating experience, those that simply want more.

Legacy Edition will be available to buy on 01/01/17. Will be available for you to buy here.

Christmas sales & Subscription giveaway! Christmas sale
We are doing a 50% discount on our subscriptions what can be found here. Simply input the coupon code "legacymas" here on your checkout page.
Valid: 23.12.16
Expires: 31.12.16

Subscription giveaway
To participate into our subscription giveaway, simply like/rep this announcement, the winner will be chosen on 01/02/17.
The winner will receive a lifetime subscription option worth $75! along with $50 dollars store credit to spend on subscription packages for friends who wish to use our cheats but are unable to afford such service.
Total of $125 is up for grabs!

Final message There is still alot of work to be done here at LegacyAim, however we have made great progress to the entire brand. We have lots of ideas and concepts what we will be sharing and innovating in 2017. If you are already a subscriber you can see our amazing work with our exclusive and innovative applications already in place, such as our subscriber panel and security information's.

  • Security.
  • Community.
  • Transparency.
  • Value.

Be sure to follow us on twitter and youtube. We post our favourite subscriber reviews written by you the subscribers. Along with community made promotional videos and other content.

2017 is going to be a flawless, perfect year for LegacyAim.

Wishing you the best holidays,
-LegacyAim Staff.

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