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Welcome to LegacyAim!

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Posted 08 November 2016 - 04:08 PM

Hello and welcome to LegacyAim!


First off I would like to thank you for registering on our forums, I will take this first announcement to guide you through our whole project, concepts and ideas. So let's get started!


What is LegacyAim?


Legacyaim is a professional secure environment for game cheating and wouldn't be possible without the following users.

These developers allows us users to securely cheat in the game (CounterStrike: GO & Other...) in many different ways. Everyone with basic to advanced cheat knowledge can simply install and start cheating with LegacyAim today. Thanks to our developers, our community and cheat is one of the best in the entire industry, all concepts ideas and functions are designed by me, for our developers to create.
So you can be sure to have the sheer diverse dedicated team working in all different areas to make sure you feel right at home!


What do we have to offer?


Custom community additions for our Subscribers/Users:

  • Exclusive IPB applications, designed for our own community.
  • One subscription will allow you to have access to every single cheat we make.
  • A cheap, easy to use, program to enjoy your favourite games.
  • Anti-cheat bypass which other competitors failed to create in the past.
  • An easy to use loader to navigate through all your game cheats.
  • A nice and friendly community where trolling and immature acts are not permitted.
  • Qualified support by our moderators and supports.
  • Free updates for all game cheats provided.
  • And much more...

Final Words


If you have any questions about anything what so ever, please do contact us via our ticket system or even a direct personal message to one of our staff members, we are here for you regardless of the question. I hope you enjoy our services and community, if you do decide to become a subscriber make sure to pop a Introduction message as we like to know where you came from! :)

LegacyAim Hopes to provide a unmatched support and game cheats, wishing you well and see you hopefully soon in our subscriber area!




Yours faithfully

-LegacyAim Team!

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